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Equipping Churches

We seek to provide opportunities to the churches in Mozambique, to train and equip pastors, leaders and lay persons, to attain a better understanding and knowledge of the Bible. We also encourage, train and support them in developing children’s programs for their community.

Activities 2012-2014

We have had the opportunity to offer some support to 83 families consisting of over 350 children, living in four districts within the Cafumpe area. The families consist mostly of widows and their children, orphans living with grandmothers or on their own.

Malaria Prevention and Distribution of ITN’s

Over the past two years Chosen Children has distributed over 500 long lasting insecticide treated nets to families in the Manica and Sofala Provinces and have conducted Malaria Prevention seminars in various communities in partnership with local organizations.
Support Opportunities

Support Opportunities

Chosen Children partners with various ministries in the Manica and Sofala provinces. One of our main partner is the Associacao Figueira da Crianca Mocambicana, (AFICRIMO) and we help them providing assistance to the desperately needy families in their program.


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