Armando’s story – Skills training

Nov 17, 20190 comments

It was Armando’s lifelong dream to own his own farm, but growing up in an orphanage meant that reality would be difficult to achieve.

Many orphan children in Mozambique have little opportunity to rise up out of poverty. Armando was one of the fortunate few to grow up in a caring orphanage that made sure the children attended school and were well looked after. However when the orphanage fell on hard times, upon graduating from school, Armando took on menial jobs to raise the money needed to contribute towards keeping the orphanage afloat. He worked hard at giving back the kindness paid to him.

Armando never stopped dreaming and when he was unable to pass his entrance exam to university Chosen Children stepped in with a scholarship so he could study Farm Management at agricultural school.

There Armando excelled, becoming the top student in his class, a school monitor and was put in charge of the cafeteria. Upon graduation, the school employed him to help with the new batch of incoming students and start on an income generating venture.

Armando still dreams of starting his own farm, and thanks to his education, he is now one step closer to that dream becoming true.