Coronavirus – Food Scarcity

Sep 17, 20200 comments

Mozambique has been identified by the World Food program as one of the countries that will face food scarcity due to the pandemic.  As Coronavirus impacts every country on earth, the poor will face a double emergency from hunger and COVID 19.  

 We are seeing this reality on the ground with families unable to find work each day that puts food on the table.  Due to restrictions put in place by the city, our feeding program to children was suspended.  This affects children who are living with life threatening diseases or living with caretakers who have an illness and unable to sufficiently care for them.

Chosen Children distributed over 1.5 tons of food, such as maize and beans to 53 families that were identified as needy.   Felix and his children Batista 15, Junior 11, and Amelia 9, pictured below are one of the families that benefited from this food drive.  Felix suffered a stroke a few years ago and has now recovered to be able to hobble around but has lost the use of one hand.  The wife left him and the children soon after the stroke.  Batista, the eldest son is the main bread winner spending his time at the market trying to do odd jobs to earn money to sufficiently sustain his father and siblings.  The family often have to depend on the goodwill of neighbors to give them food.