Coronavirus – Literacy

May 15, 20200 comments

As news of the virus spreading in Africa emerged the Mozambican Government took early measures to stop the spread by stressing full adherence of preventive measures including the mandatory use of masks in public spaces and in public transport and restricted the movement of people.  Schools were closed impacting 8.5 million students in all levels and gathering of over 10 people were prohibited.

The women who attended our literacy classes were very disappointed that we had to shut our programs as mandated.  However the staff seeing their eagerness to keep studying began to prepare packages of home work that was picked up each week and dropped off when completed.  Staff report 95% of the students are completing their work and engaging their spouses and children in the process of learning. 

Even amidst this pandemic, we see hope and staff members are encouraged by this development as it has been our mandate to change attitudes and relay the value and importance of education to a very illiterate community. Some of the ladies who joined the class this year are proud that they can now sign their names, which enables them to get government ID cards which helps them in all areas of their lives