Coronavirus – New Well

Oct 21, 20200 comments

Without a vaccine, the best way to curtail the spread of the coronavirus was regular hand-washing with soap and good hygiene.  This is out of the reach of the millions of Mozambicans living without the access to clean water.  This is true of the community of Stainha, where Chosen Children is based.  Stainha, is a new community that evolved in 2017, around the bore hole well that was dug by Chosen Children in an area that had no inhabitants or infrastructure close by.    Once the well was dug and easy access to water established, people began to clear the bush around the base and start building their mud hut homes.  The community continued to grow taxing the capacity of the lone water source.  Many times, the well had to be repaired, leaving the villagers in a dire situation of having to walk miles each morning looking for water.  

It became apparent that clean water reach as many people as possible in our community to enable them to take basic precautions to reduce the risk of infection from the virus. Improving the access of water will not only improve the living and health conditions of the community but also positively trigger their economic outlook.  In October we were able to dig the 2nd bore hole well which was received with much joy and celebration.  The women of the community whose lives are most impacted, brought gifts of fruit trees to show their gratitude