Feeding program

Nov 17, 20190 comments

Chosen Children helps fund and facilitate a feeding program where 80 children, either infected or affected by life threatening diseases, will receive a nutritious meal daily. Kids living with these medical conditions are more susceptible to common illnesses that can become more serious or chronic without good preventive care and nutrition. Some of these children live in households where their caregivers are also living with various diseases that make it difficult for them to care for their children in a consistent manner.

It is in awful conditions that families get split up and children are sent to orphanages or other family members. Programs such as these help to take the burden off of caregivers and keep families united to support and care for one another.

Children come before or after school for porridge, rice, beans, and greens and chicken, which is a treat once a week. During these times, volunteers help the older children with their school work, teach the younger children new concepts to excel in school and they offer them emotional and spiritual support.