From Small Beginnings

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Spectacular mountain ranges with interesting rock formations surround us on our drive to Zembe.  The road is exceptionally smooth, a rarity in Mozambique and the little clusters of villages we pass are picturesque.  As we turn off the main road and follow the dirt road, and come to our destination, we are greeted by the sight of a little stick and mud church, dwarfed in a field of sunflowers.

Ever since we first came to Zembe, in March of this year, this little community has become very special to the Chosen Children team.   From an attendance of two at our first program, the participation has grown to over 25 people attending each week.   Each week the young and the old    gather under the dappled shade of trees to patiently wait for the team to arrive.

Staff members, Felix and Vincent take turns, facilitating the study.  When Vincent leads the study, Felix will translate Portuguese into Shona, the tribal language of this area.   The studies are held under a tree despite having two mud and stick churches in the vicinity.  This is to encourage, members from any church to attend, thereby diffusing any pride that the programs are being held in a particular church.

This month we were able to also distribute insecticide treated nets to the participants of the bible study group and educate them in malaria prevention.