Current Needs


 Educational help

We help orphanages and needy families with educational support and material needed to attend schools. We also provide scholarships for pre-school, vocational and university education. We pay teachers to help us conduct literacy programs for adults

  • School uniforms – $20
  • Scholastic material – $15
  • Vocational school fees / materials – $100 per month
  • Teacher support – $200
  • University fees/ materials – $200 per month
  • Sewing Machines- $250 USD

Income generation / Vocational training

Chosen Children supports income generating projects for selected families in need

  • Seed kit and gardening equipment – $50
  • Tools/trade equipment –  $100
  • Seed funds to start small business $150

Christian Literature / Bibles

Chosen Children provides churches with Christian literature and bibles. Materials are transported to remote churches and supplied free of charge.

  • Bibles – $12 each
  • Printing Booklets – $150
  • Transportation – $100 per month

Rebuilding of homes

Majority of the families in the program live in mud/stick homes with thatched or tarp roofing. Mozambique is prone to heavy rains that can leave many families without shelter. Chosen Children aims to rebuild lost homes in exactly the same materials and dimensions as the family had before. The homes may either be of the traditional, mud or stick variety with cemented walls and floors, or homes made of brick and cement. But they will each be equipped with a tin roof.

  • Traditional home – $1000
  • Brick and Cement home – over $2000