Living Low

Take the Living Low Challenge and feed a family

Are you one of the millions who overspend on groceries? Do you find it difficult to think of meal plans week after week, especially when you are on a budget. You are not alone. Millions of families face this same dilemma on different levels. Imagine having to scavenge for food to feed your family on less than $2 a day.

Take the “Living Low Challenge” for a week and raise awareness and funds to help feed hungry families.

Here’s what to do to get started

Spend a couple of minutes adding up how much you spend on groceries each week. Then think about how different your life would be if you would have to live on $2 per day. Would you be able to take up the challenge of living low on half of what you would spend each week?

Plan on thrifty meals with less than 5 ingredients.

Use coupons and hunt for bargains. Donate what you have saved.

Keep track of what you would normally have spent your money on for the week eg. coffee, Junk food, etc., and include that in your donation.

Challenge your friends, or any groups you belong to, to participate in the Living Low Challenge, and have a competition to cook a delicious, nutritious meal for the least amount of $.

Be creative and add extra activities to your week e.g. Walk 2 miles with a heavy backpack and experience an African child's walk for water each day.

Meet up with other families and share a meal, each family bringing a dish that costs $5 or less.

Get creative in teaching and bringing awareness to children.

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