Malaria Prevention and Distribution of ITN’s

In Mozambique, Malaria is one of the major public health problems and accounts for 42% of deaths among children less than 5 years old. Malaria is endemic throughout the country and transmission is year round, peaking during the rainy season.

Malaria is a health risk to pregnant woman and affects both mother and unborn child. It causes anemia, premature delivery and low birth weight. Malaria contributes to maternal mortality when it compounds conditions such as tuberculosis, HIV infection, and malnutrition and iron deficiency.

One of the best ways to prevent malaria, together with house spraying with insecticides, is to sleep under an insecticide treated bed net or the new long lasting insecticidal nets, which do not need retreatment. These nets unfortunately are not readily available in Mozambique, and even if they are, the average Mozambican will not have the means to purchase them.

Chosen Children has distributed nets to teen mothers and families with young children. We hope to continue this initiative in the coming years.