Medical Aid and Shelter

Oct 5, 2023Stories of Hope0 comments

Monica, a single mother moved into the neighborhood with 3 of her 5 children when her husband left her for another women.  Destitute, she sought help from her aunt who offered her a piece of land in the community, close to Grace Center.  She built a shelter with plastic sheets and sticks to live with her children, battling the elements.  The community leaders alerted the ministry staff to Monica’s plight, especially since the family was suffering from a skin ailment that they could not find the cure for.

Monica had taken the children to the nearest hospital when she was able to save for the bus fare but the care and medication they had received, had not solved the problem.  Months later the family still suffered from the ailment but Monica had no means to take the children back to the hospital. With the rainy season in the horizon, her first priority was to build a room to protect them from the rain.  Monica sold bananas to feed her children every day but most days the children went hungry or were fed by neighbors.

The staff at the center seeing Monica’s plight, moved into action. The family was transported to the general hospital and within a week of being given the right medication, their skin ailment cleared up and were freed from the terrible itching they had suffered.   The center staff also gathered together, to first dig a latrine for the family and then help Monica build a mud house from the bricks she had made by hand.  Food, clothes, roofing, windows and doors were donated just in time, before the rains came down.  Monica is very grateful for the help she received from Grace Center.