New House for Widow

Feb 15, 20230 comments

Widow, Rute Oilveira 56, moved from her hometown Mukombedzi to Chimoio in 2019.   At first, she lived in the city where she was able to earn a daily wage, washing clothes.  For many daily wage earners like Rute, Covid restrictions heaped another layer of suffering when opportunities for daily work dried up.    Homeless and unable to pay rent in the city she moved into the community around Grace Center looking for vacant land to build a shelter.  The leaders in the community, taking pity on her allocated a small undesirable patch of land for $50.  Even though Rute was unable to pay, they mercifully let her build various thatch and stick shelters.  Every year during the rainy season she would spend the night wet and unable to sleep.   Rute found herself constantly building and rebuilding her shelter due to the winds and rains.

When she was bought to the attention of Grace Center, staff began to help Rute supplement her food with rice, maize and vegetables grown at the center. She is very grateful and thanks God for the increasing help she has received from the center over the years culminating with this tremendous gift of a permanent shelter.  Her biggest fear and worry of having to endure wet, cold sleepless nights have been taken away forever.