Planting seeds of hope to transform communities one child at a time

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How we put your donations to work

Basic Needs

Access to basic supplies for children to lead healthy lives.


Continuing development for children, families, and community.


Promoting a secure environment for a child to thrive.


Impacting the future of communities through empowerment and support.

Get Involved

There are many opportunities for you to get involved in the work of Chosen Children. Click the button below to learn about all the initaitives.

Stories of Hope

Coronavirus – Food Scarcity

Coronavirus – Food Scarcity

Mozambique has been identified by the World Food program as one of the countries that will face food scarcity due to the pandemic.  As Coronavirus impacts every country on earth, the poor will face a double emergency from hunger and COVID 19.    We are seeing this...

Coronavirus – Literacy

Coronavirus – Literacy

As news of the virus spreading in Africa emerged the Mozambican Government took early measures to stop the spread by stressing full adherence of preventive measures including the mandatory use of masks in public spaces and in public transport and restricted the...

Coronavirus – Washing Hands

Coronavirus – Washing Hands

People around the world are told to stop the spread of coronavirus by washing their hands. However, the simple act of washing hands is not easy when you don’t have running water and fetching water is a tiring walk to the nearest water source.  Then the water collected...

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