Faith In Action

Cafumpe 2012- 2015

Chosen Children came alongside 80 needy families, identified by the leaders in the community of Cafumpe and endeavored to assist them with their immediate basic needs, such as clothing, scholastic material, housing, etc. We also encouraged and gave them the means to support themselves by funding income generating ventures such as, the rearing of goats, and by handing out agricultural equipment. A Saturday children’s program was held weekly, which contained a time for social activity, counseling, spiritual and moral values training. The children were given a nutritious meal before they were sent home. Workshops on health, and malaria prevention seminars, were held for the community, culminating with the distribution of insecticide treated mosquito nets. This project was a joint venture project administered by Renuka Jeyanayagm.

Orphans in the community-AFICRIMO 2011-2012

In 2011 a not for profit organization started funding AFICRIMO a social welfare arm of a local church for orphans living in the community. Funding for income generating projects enabled AFICRIMO to start up a grinding mill which brought in income for the needs of the association as well as funding for machinery that was needed to strip the corn, after one year of operation. Other one time projects included distribution of clothing, scholastic material and rehabilitation of homes.

HOME in Dondo, Mozambique 2007-2011

Funds from friends, relatives and a nonprofit enabled a pastor and 20 orphans in his home he have a better standard of living The children received the basic necessities like food and educational supplies, that made a huge difference in their lives. This project was concluded when an income generating project was established.

A Community Library Mckenzie Compound, Ndola- Zambia (2008)

McKenzie shanty compound, the second poorest in Ndola, has a population of over 7000 with 1000 orphans. Orphans are mostly cared for by relatives such as grandparents, who are destitute themselves. A community leadership was established in 1998 to oversee the well-being of the orphans, and since then with help from Engedi foundation established a pre-school/elementary school and a feeding program. I initiated and contributed to the Library that was established in the community center in the compound.

Reading Room – Iris ministries, Dondo, Mozambique (2007)

Out of my passion to promote literacy, I initiated and funded a Reading Room, purchasing English and Portuguese language books in Mozambique and Brazil. School text books were purchased to help the children with their school work. Two boys were sent for computer classes to learn basic computing and made use of the computers in the library. In 2012 when the ministry closed its orphanage, the children’s books were moved to the pre-school, and distributed among the local schools.

Habitat For Humanity – Ndola, Zambia (2005)

The team residing in the shanty town in Ndola worked on building two houses mixing cement and making the bricks. Bernadette (widow) the beneficiary of this Habitat home toiled for 5 years selling cassava a root vegetable, to save the $50 down payment required to pay for Home. The home was built and dedicated by the team in 10 days. The team visited schools and had the opportunity to organize games and activities for orphans.