?Go, Learn, Return and Respond?

There are opportunities available for individuals to join Chosen Children in Short Term Ministry trips to Mozambique in 2015 and 2016. Each trip and team will be different depending on the needs on the ground and the skills, abilities and interests of team members. Though no new projects are initiated, the goal of the trip will be for team members to work alongside staff, to encouraging them, assist them and participate in all on ?going ministry activities and to witness God?s work in Mozambique.

 Each trip may include:

  • Sharing bible stories with widows and children.
  • Teaching at a school.
  • Teacher training/workshops
  • Working on on-going construction projects.
  • Prayer ministry.
  • Children activities and sports.
  • Conducting Bible Study for men?s/women?s group
  • Pastor/leader training seminars
  • Holding seminars on health education/wellbeing in the community

Spring / Summer / Fall 2019

  • Participants from Canada
  • Participants from US
  • Participants from UK

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June 29, 2019