Putting Down Roots

Categories: Newsletter

The land that was purchased for the future ministry base is only 6 km from the city limits but it takes 30 minutes to get there from the city, driving slowly over a bumpy unpaved trail, navigating through tall grass and skirting around overhanging vegetation growing on the side of the road.  You get the feeling you are deep in the bush.

The landscape is lush and green with beautiful rolling terrain.  Electricity and piped water limits are left behind about 3km into the drive and we see more wide open spaces and less and less of habitation.  Occasionally we pass through someone’s “machamba,” plot of land that has been cultivated as most people around here are subsistent farmers.

What are we doing out here in the bush?  Our vision is to build our mission base and help develop the surrounding community.  Children and youth in Mozambique face many challenges due to lack of education.  The country has no early child hood curriculum and therefore we will focus on early learning and also working with the community on basic literacy skills for adults.    Our hope is also to target the long term causes of hunger and educate and improve agricultural practices among the local households.   Most importantly, we want to continue to  expand our children’s and adult bible study programs already started in surrounding communities and  provide a place for  worship and fellowship on the mission base.   We look forward with expectation to what God is going to do in the coming years and we invite you to partner and journey with us.