Rains Bring Hope

Categories: Newsletter

The rains have come and the forecast for the 2016- 2017 agricultural season predicts adequate rainfall.  This is a relief after two successive years of debilitating drought.  Families can look forward to a good harvest and food to eat throughout the year.  We at Chosen Children are excited to plant our first crop of maize, beans and sweet potatoes on our ministry land.  We hope to supplement our food drive to needy families with produce grown off our land.  We have also been able to plant orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and mango trees on the property.  We will be adding avocados and lychee trees as well, in the coming year.

However when it rains it pours.  The rainy season has come with such force; it feels as if it is trying to make up for the lost two years.   So much so that we are beginning to fear that the crops are going to flood many low lying areas where the rivers are overflowing their banks.  We are happy to see the rains but praying that it will subside to their normal levels for this time of the year.