school project

The vision we have for the children to be able to access a school in their community is becoming a reality. Phase 1 of the school building is now complete.  Primary school children will not have to walk one hour to the nearest public school or miss days at school due to inclement weather. 

At the start of the new school year in February 2024, Grace Christian School with its motto “Be the Light”, will open its doors to welcome its first cohort of students.

Our 2023 preschool graduates will transition into Grade1 in the new school.  Additional classes for older children who have never gone to school will be held in the afternoon.

The community around the school live in abject poverty and have no means to pay for their children’s education. And therefore, it is only by the aid of sponsors and dedicated staff that we have been able to bring the gift of hope and education to our community.


Chosen Children invites you to be apart of something really special as we step into the challenge of help funding a quality school in an impoverished community. To be able to start the new school year we are in need of the following. Listed below are some of the ways your partnership will make a substantial impact in beginning to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Desks, chairs, blackboards, shelves, scholastic material $5000

Student Sponsorship $20 per month. 50 sponsors needed.

Additional outside latrines $5000

One time donation towards completing the security wall around the property.  $20,000 needed.

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