Take A Volunteer Trip

Go, Learn, Respond.

Go, Learn, Respond. Going on a short term volunteer trip is an eye-opening, life changing experience through exposure to other cultures, languages and ways of life.

There are opportunities available for individuals to join Chosen Children in Short Term volunteer trips to Mozambique. Each trip and team will be different depending on the needs on the ground and the skills, abilities and interests of team members. The goal of each trip will be for short-term volunteers to support Chosen Children national volunteer staff by encouraging, assisting, teaching and participating in all on?going mission activities.

Each trip may include

Teaching at a pre-school

Teacher training/workshops

Working on on-going construction projects

Children activities and sports

Conducting Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children

Soccer training with youth

Holding seminars on health education/wellbeing in the community

Long Term Volunteers

Opportunities are also available for those interested in volunteering for two or more years. This would give you time to build strong relationships and make a significant impact on the community you would be serving in.

Chosen Children currently has a need for volunteers who are able to teach pre-school and English for primary and secondary school children.

To learn more about the requirements necessary to serve long term with Chosen Children, please send us an e-mail.

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