Walk For Africa

Make your steps count and share some hope.

While science has proven that walking is beneficial for our health, did you know it could also benefit the health of others? No matter how long or short you walk, you can impact the life of a child in Africa.

If you love going for walks or working up a sweat to stay fit, then how about supporting a great cause while you’re at it?

Why not organize your own Walk with friends in your neighbourhood any time of the year and support a project of your choice. We will help you get set up and organize your event.


When you sign up to host your own you will receive hosting information kit through e-mail.

Your Impact

More and more women in Africa have assume sole responsibility for the welfare of their families, Women in Africa, live in societies where most women do not have access to money as men do and the freedom to control it. If more women had the opportunity to earn and control their own money, the quality of life for women as well as their children will drastically improve.

Therefore Chosen Children aims to empower women in activities that will promote their ability to bring in income that will provide another source of income for the family.

The income generating activities will be diverse, as small business ventures, cooperative undertakings, savings groups, all from loans as little as $80.

Funds from the Walk for Africa 2020, will be used to empower women this way and help create sustainable development in the areas we work with.

Impact From the Last Walk

In March of 2019, Mozambique suffered a devastating Cyclone that destroyed the city of Beira and flooded surrounding areas. Thousands of families were left homeless and had to seek shelter in camps and were faced with a daunting task of rebuilding their lives once again. Funds raised from the 2019 Walk for Africa was also utilized to help rebuild homes and unite families that had scattered to find shelters. Six new houses with burnt bricks and cement have been built.

Veronica and her family received a new home after her home was destroyed in the cyclone.

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